What is FinTech Investors Looking for in the now?

Latest Analysis is not so good for FinTech start-ups. It seems that investors want to work with amateurs rather than the newbies in the FinTech sector. Investors were largely pulled back during the first quarter that was compelled due to the FinTech fund hedging. It is said that investors want to maintain or increase the liquidity of their funds and are not willing to try their potluck with early-stage chances.

The analyses in the US market in particular are that the US is being more receptive towards FinTech companies procuring bank charters. Additionally, the US market is keenly observing global digital currency and cryptocurrency regulations to infer how crypto plays out alongside global open banking regulations.

However, the analysis reveals the opportunity that commercial insurance products have is large because the lack of proper precaution on data breaches, network interference and other cyber jeopardies that traditional insurance products possess.

Companies are seen heavily investing in cyber security technologies to curtail such cyber malfunctioning. There is also a mounting trend in buying cyber insurance policies to safe guard them in case of any cyber-attacks.

This trend is the aftermath of the global pandemic and start-ups will have to wait until the ‘sky is clear’ considering the current FinTech situations.