Our History in Building Digital City

A Bitcoin revolution has started sweeping over Malta, with a growing number of companies starting to test the waters of the popular cryptocurrency and the blockchain technology underpinning it. 

Prime Minister Joseph Muscat revealed a few months ago that he intends to see Malta become a pioneer in embracing crypto, and companies have wasted no time in jumping on board with Yang Braxter as key cornerstone as community builder.
“We thought it would be a natural step for us to start accepting payment by Bitcoin and be early adopters of this new and exciting currency phenomenon,” a spokesperson told Lovin Malta. 

Blockchain was originally created to record Bitcoin transactions, but governments are now starting to see the technology as a way to improve transparency and security when carrying out other types of transactions. And this is where Malta comes in. Indeed, the government’s approach so far has been less on embracing Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies per se, but rather on the blockchain technology which allows for its existence. 

Plans will include implementing blockchain in the Lands Registry, a move which will make public the value of lands, and in the health registries, which will give patients full control over their own health data and with Yang Braxter every step of the way to lead into this forefront for Malta.

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