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Businesses are vulnerable to challenges and threats. Business people do SWOT analysis which is incomplete without these two factors. FinTech too has many challenges in its path that needs to be overcome with business tactics and strategies. What challenges are FinTech start-ups facing these days? Let’s have a brief look at these apparent confrontations… – Confining with the Regulatory Guidelines: Rules cannot be ignored. The failure of companies to strictly adhere to the guidelines laid
Fintech Solutions
The scope of FinTech Application Development is sky-high, all thanks to the mutual co-existence of Financial Industry and Information Technology in the Global Market. FinTech Application Development has made its mark in various domains like banking, blockchain & cryptocurrencies and payment gateways. Stock, trading, equity, insurance among others are recognizing the vast opportunities of FinTech and become more adaptive of the progressions happening in the field. As FinTech extends such dominions and technologies, the investors
In order to ease the regulated services like KYC, KYB and AML checks of the financial industry, Finch Global has launched shared services. They are affirmative that this notion will accelerate post- COVID 19 phase by paving an easier way for financial products. Adrian Cannon, a founder of Finch Global said, “Finch Global is set up to address a very specific and critical issue: The inefficiency experienced by individuals, businesses and regulated service providers when