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The WHO recently shared that one in ten people fall sick due to food contamination every year. In America alone around 48n million Americans fall sick due to contaminated food. The necessity for making the supply chain information of food supply more trustable is becoming a growing concern for industries. Modern supply chains are very refined and even though they have become very competitive, the risks involved is very high due to its interconnected network.
Blockchain, IOT
The technological innovation that has been introduced through Blockchain in the field of agriculture and food supply chain market by application has created from for many functional spectrums like product traceability, secure payment modes, smart contracts, governance, risk, compliance etc. Of the many technological advancements, Blockchain has a hard-hitting effect in the global market and the market size is around USD 133 million in 2020. Experts say that the market is estimated to reach USD
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Today’s generation is involved in making purchases with the mindset of sustainability. Belief-driven buyers are on a high and these people are concerned about their health largely. The goodness of the food you purchase is often a genuine concern. Some of you might even have googled to check whether the food we buy these days are good or organic! The food supply chain that begins with a farmer and ends with an end consumer is
Fintech Solutions
As industry 4.0 concepts herald new ways in which various industries will be compelled to inter-operate with each other from one single platform without trusting one another, there’s a significant challenge of economic loss that most stakeholders foresee. Blockchain Technology, a trustless, decentralized, ledger technology paves the way through B-a-a-S services where enterprises can compete in their relevant field yet enjoy the benefits of using blockchain technology while inter-operating. What is B-a-a-S? B-a-a-S is not
Fintech Solutions
Fintech factually blazed only during recent times, but it has been an unacknowledged terminology of the global industry for a long period of time. Did you know that ATMs are ground-breaking outcomes of FinTech innovation? In 1860, banks used to have technologies that were exclusively used for the verification of signature. FinTech has evolved from a mere tool in start-ups to foremost features of large enterprises and plenty of financial organizations. In the now, many