How FinTech is metamorphosing the traditional relationship of people with money?

In the field of International Finance, FinTech has become the crux. The harmony between Finance and Technology integrally termed as FinTech is becoming the very factor of metamorphosing people’s regular way of dealing with money transactions, which is irrefutably a positive approach.

From crowdfunding, to cryptocurrency exchanges, to even online transactions are all the resultant permutation of the coup d’état called FinTech.

In order to expound the fact that FinTech start ups are facing a bright side of the future, it is to be mentioned that UAE has been home to almost half the FinTech start ups in Middle East and North Africa. It is no wonder that major cities of the world like Dubai which modestly embrace FinTech are setting new standards for the relationship between people and money in a more digitalised way!