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Cross Border Platform

The payments platform for platforms

Marketplaces and platforms accepts money and pay out to third parties.

Cross Border Platform provides a complete set of building blocks to support virtually any business model, including on-demand businesses, e‑commerce, crowdfunding, and travel and events.

One solution to cover your payments needs

Integrate quickly Building the payments infrastructure for your platform used to be a big undertaking—no longer. Take advantage of pre-made UI components to launch faster and simplify operations. Sign up new users on your platform and get them paid—quickly. Customize Cross Border Platform is API-first and lets you design the best experience for your platform. You can customize onboarding, set payout timing, allow complex money movement, and get integrated financial reporting. You own the experience from end to end. Go global Pay out sellers in 30+ countries around the world. You don’t need separate local subsidiaries and banking relationships in each market—Cross Border Platform takes care of the complexity. Cross Border Platform ’s functionality is standardized, regardless of the country.


Automate every part of recurring relationships—from managing customer events to retrying failed payments at the ideal time.

A powerful routing and payout engine that makes it easy to send money to recipients, no matter your business model.

Cross Border Platform will automatically track balances, batch earnings into payouts, time transfers with local cutoffs, and retry failed transfers. You can also incorporate advanced flows like Account Debits, one-to-many payments, and others. Cross Border’s payout engine lets you specify payout timing for your users, and includes Instant Payouts, which allows your users to receive funds within minutes. Cross Border Platform lets you get recipients paid faster and removes errors and reconciliation work.

Paying out money is complicated by stringent laws and regulation including KYC, sanctions screening, and money transmission restrictions (and it only gets more complex internationally). We have spent years designing the simplest, highest-converting ways to onboard marketplace recipients.

You can stagger data collection to keep your signup process lightweight. We’ll notify you when more data is needed (after a recipient passes an IRS reporting threshold, for example).

Cross Border Platform even provides several recipient onboarding UIs to let you get up and running quickly (though you can always own the UI yourself with Custom accounts).

If you’re running a multi-sided marketplace or platform, there’s no doubt you’re wrestling with payments compliance issues such as card network rules, money transmission, KYC, and tax reporting. Cross Border Platform makes these burdens easier to manage by shifting some of the most onerous obligations to our platfrom, letting you stay focused on your product and spend less time on compliance related tasks.

Under the hood, Cross Border Platform is powered by secure credit card data tokenization to help you meet PCI obligations, contains monitoring and verification systems to help you with KYC needs and tax obligations, and leverages Yangbraxter money transmission licenses in the U.S. as well as European e-money authorization.

If you’re managing payouts for large numbers of people, you need a hub for all the workflows involved. Our dashboard lets support and operations teams view every stage of the user lifecycle: account history, verification, transfers, and more.

Easily track the flow of funds from a customer to a recipient, with full records of all transactions in Yangbraxter Platfrom—we provide the ledger. Optional application fees let you specify your earnings and Yangbraxter nets everything out. In the U.S., Cross Border Platform includes gross earnings tracking and automated 1099 form generation and delivery.

Expanding internationally typically requires significant resources, time and money. With Cross Border Platform, you can swiftly expand internationally anywhere YangBraxter operates, without establishing separate local subsidiaries. This includes credit card processing capabilities in over 30 countries, with charges processed centrally or locally in the recipient’s country, which saves money on fees and improves decline rates.

Accept payments in 135+ currencies, pay out in 15+ currencies and present the most relevant payment methods in checkout flows to further optimize conversion rate.

All of Cross Border capabilities are supported by Yangbraxter’s core payment functionality, used by millions of businesses and available across many countries.


  • Support for recipients—whether they are sellers or service providers, businesses or individuals—across 30 countries.
  • Access to 100s of thousands of businesses and individuals already on Yangbraxters platform, enabling rapid onboarding onto your platform.
  • Staggered account creation—start charging on behalf of the recipient within minutes and collect additional information later on.
  • Support for a fully customized UI through Yangbraxter’s REST API—create the ideal user experience that meets your business goals and gives you full control over branding.
  • Prebuilt components for recipient onboarding, account management, verification, and notifications—save development time to get your platform up and running quickly.