Blockchain and Food Products : A Partnership for Betterment of Supply Chain!

Today’s generation is involved in making purchases with the mindset of sustainability. Belief-driven buyers are on a high and these people are concerned about their health largely.

The goodness of the food you purchase is often a genuine concern. Some of you might even have googled to check whether the food we buy these days are good or organic! The food supply chain that begins with a farmer and ends with an end consumer is really vast and there is a total lack of end-to-end transparency. These testing times of the Novel Coronavirus that we all are going through has particularly raised our concern regarding food-borne illness. The COVID-19 has necessitated the requisite for precise and prompt updating of data to the retailers and consumers involved in the system.

Transparency in Operations

Delivering promised products while practising transparency and commitment to sustainable practices is exactly what the consumer expects. Maintaining enough transparency in the food supply chain is a critical survival strategy for agriculture and food industry. Through the distributed ledger technology called blockchain, this transparency is attained strictly protecting the privacy of the parties involved. Through transparent information flow in blockchain other authorisation points can be integrated easily.

The use of Blockchain in Supply Chain

Digital identity of things can be maintained. The secure and genuine import and export of food products through digitising boosts the customers’ confidence in the product. Digitally-assisted food supply chain would tell the consumers where the item is from, farmers who harvested it and other relevant info.
Supply chain can be digitised by any irrespective of the industry— agriculture, luxury goods, logistics, cosmetics and pharmaceutical .

This will ensure credibility and properly convey sustainability.

Informing and empowering consumers during every stage of their purchase decisions in an extremely complex and segmented supply chains reinstates the statement ‘act locally, think globally’!