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B2B Platforms

Make Your Business Ambitions a Reality

Businesses powered by platforms to help them accept payments and get paid out quickly. Thousands of platforms like Shopify, Xero and DocuSign partnered with Yang Braxter to help them facilitate payments for their customers.

With Yang Braxter, adding payments to your platform can be easy. Onboard customers from 30+ countries, help them accept payments online and in-person, and pay out quickly.

Let your customer manage payments through Yang Braxter, or build your own experience from end-to-end.
Yang Braxter was built for platforms.

Add new lines of revenue for your platform and your customers by accepting in-person payments, supporting subscriptions and invoices, and let Yang Braxter help with regulatory and compliance overhead.


B2B organizations currently think of ecommerce differently. Electronic selling is a way to boost revenue and drive customer acquisitions. It is a manner of differentiating from the competition.


Streamlining, transparency and efficiency
B2B ecommerce will streamline your customer interactions by enabling the process of ordering be reliable and efficient. This is vital in the current climate of commerce where there are high demand and short time.

Through operation out of the web portal, all ordering may be merged with the ERP (enterprise resource planning) software so that the delay time between dispatch and ordering is negligible.

Mistakes in the ordering process or order fulfillment regarding stock counts that are inaccurate may be prevented since up-to-date counts from your warehouse is integrated into your website, this allows sales agents and customers to always know what is available.

Better management of suppliers and customers
The concept of B2B ecommerce offers better management of both the suppliers and customers. Essentially, the whole initiative is a win-win for both parties.

Your clients will have a custom-made portal for them that shows their browsing history, all personal details, shipping, and the tracking data as well as a wish or shopping list.

They will have more control of the entire process that not only enables efficiency and transparency but also eliminates the need of calling to talk to someone just to ask for an update of an order

Better sales engagement
The physical sales team will as well merit from the launch of the ecommerce effort.

The B2B ecommerce portal or site will boost the sales teams’ visibility towards the client orders, history and pricing on the road or working from remote locations.

The traveling sales agent show a lot of carbon mile on the road, this can be reduced via the web portals and the web-based sites of communication.