Blockchain Service

Blockchain tech to build digital currency, we work with institutional banks to secure value on digital currency and payment gateway for transactions ..

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Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway is a secure solution that provides your business with the ability to collect payments online. Payment Gateway is necessary for E-commerce ..

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Accredited Coin Offering

We Utilize Blockchain Coins and tokens bonding with institutional banks to ensure the value of the digital currency. We connect banks, pairing houses…

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Tokenization Payment

Using unique identifier or token to replace the sensitive personal information and payment data. Tokenization eliminating the sensitive payment information…

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Innovative Solution

Yang Braxter was founded to bring complete FinTech solution for the future of online payment.

Reliable Support

We commit quality, safety, and solid support to our clients and to building trust through our approach to engagement.

Experienced Team

Our amazing team comes with years of experience and offers a complete skill set that is tailored to your needs with quality support.

Quality Resourcing

Subject matter experts with deep domain expertise provide insights and deliver value immediately.


Whether you’re looking for answers, in need to solve a problem or, would simply like to know more, we are able to be of service. We’ll help you resolve your issues quickly and easily..

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